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Whereas anyone, once you register, can download the PCI and the DAQ, you must be a licensed therapist/counselor or researcher in hypnotism to obtain a copy of the PCI-HAP (which is a therapeutic psychological test instrument to measure hypnotic responsivity and hence should not be available to the lay community), the EXCEL scoring program, and the administrative and interpretative manuals to the PCI-HAP.  By registering you agree to abide by the following stipulations.

The PCI and the DAQ are copyrighted.  You have my permission to copy the PCI and the DAQ and use them in your clinical work, your research, and/or your teaching.  You are not permitted to use the PCI and/or the DAQ to generate income via seminars or workshops, etc, without my expressed written permission.

Additionally, you cannot modify, change, and/or reduce or expand the PCI or the DAQ, or translate the PCI or the DAQ into another language or another electronic medium, without my expressed written permission.  The PCI and the DAQ have been translated into various languages.  Whereas the PCI has been translated into Spanish, Italian, German, Romanian, Norwegian, French, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Polish, Swedish, and Korean, the DAQ has been translated into Spanish, Italian, Korean, and French.

There are two levels of registration:  a general and a clinician/hypnosis researcher level.  The general level of registration will take you to the “downloads” page where you can download the PCI and the DAQ and the manual scoring sheets, once you register.  You may consider obtaining a copy of my book, Quantifying Consciousness:  An Empriical Approach, via interlibrary loan or purchase a copy of the book to learn of the methodological and statistical limits for the use of the PCI and the DAQ.  The book serves as a scoring manual for both the PCI and the DAQClick here for the PCI or the DAQ downloads.

The clinician/hypnosis researcher registration is more specific.  Because the PCI-HAP is a psychological assessment instrument, you must be in academia and/or a clinician/counselor, in a profession capable of using psychological tests, and have some experience in hypnotism (or are a student working under someone with such experience), to request the PCI-HAP.  If you are a member of ASCH, SCEH, or Div 30 of APA, please indicate that on the registration form and I will confirm that membership.  If you are a member of a foreign country hypnosis society, please send me some type of verification concerning your membership (and your Vitae), as I will not be able to contact foreign hypnosis societies.  If you are a student interested in using the PCI-HAP, I must have your request on college or university letterhead from your advisor. Click here for the PCI-HAP download.

Once you register as a clinician/hypnosis researcher to use the PCI-HAP, your email address will be maintained in a data base and you will need a code (that you will receive once you register) to access the PCI-HAP and related documents.  The code to access the above will be changed every so often and you will also be informed when that change occurs. By registering you also agree not to give the code to access the PCI-HAP to anyone.  Each person must register on their own.

I reserve the right to request additional information regarding your academic and/or professional affiliations in order to be certain that you have the training and expertise to use the PCI-HAP.  Once you download and start using the PCI-HAP, you agree, by virtue of this registration, to not hold myself, Ron Pekala, Ph.D., liable for your clinical and/or research use of the PCI-HAP, the PCI or the DAQ, and any repercussions concerning that use with yourself, your clients and your students.

From time to time, we find some bugs in the EXCEL PCI-HAP program.  This website will automatically post updates and modifications to the EXCEL program and also the manuals.  You can contact me at with questions regarding this website and the instruments and related documents.  Please be aware that because of my schedule, it may be several weeks until I can get back to you.  Sometimes a follow-up email to remind me is warranted.

Thank you for your interest in this approach!  Good luck in using the PCI, the DAQ, and/or the PCI-HAP in your further investigations of consciousness and its psychophenomenology!


Ron Pekala, Ph.D.

Click here to register and proceed to PCI/DAQ downloads (level 1): Allows you to procure the PCI, the DAQ, and the manual scoring sheets for the instruments

Click here to register for the PCI-HAP download (level 2): Allows you to procure the administrator’s manual (includes the PCI-HAP), the therapist’s interpretative manual to the PCI-HAP, and the EXCEL scoring protocol for the PCI-HAP. Note: you must be a clinician, a hypnosis researcher, or a student working under a clinician/hypnosis researcher to procure these materials.