The Administrative and Interpretative Manuals for the PCI-HAP

Administrative and interpretative manuals have been developed to administer and interpret the PCI-HAP.  The user’s manual is entitled:  The Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory – Hypnotic Assessment Procedure (PCI-HAP) Administrator’s Manual (Pekala, Kumar, & Maurer, 2009), and it tells users how to administer the PCI-HAP.  The interpretive manual is entitled:  Therapist Manual:  Interpretation of the Phenomenology of Consciousness Inventory:  Hypnotic Assessment Procedure (PCI-HAP) (Pekala, 2009) and this manual gives the reader an idea as to how to interpret the PCI-HAP.   Because the PCI-HAP is a fairly sophisticated instrument, the interested user should also have taken a workshop on the PCI-HAP so that he or she can be familiar with the various concepts, and the theory and research behind those concepts, as concerns the PCI-HAP. If you want to use the PCI-HAP and have not taken one of my workshops, please e-mail me and I will send you a PowerPoint presentation on the PCI-HAP that I have given at one of my workshops, which hopefully will give you a good overview of the protocol, and the theory and research behind the approach.

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