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Level 2:  Register to access the PCI-HAP Download:
Obtaining the PCI-HAP, therapist and administrator manuals, and the EXCEL scoring program

Please complete the fields below and click “Send”. Once your credentials have been reviewed you will receive an email with a link and password to enter Level 2 downloads. Fields marked with an “*” are required.

If you are a student interested in using the PCI-HAP, please send via postal mail to MAEI, 309 North Franklin Street, West Chester, PA 19380 a letter on academic letterhead from your professor indicating that you are a student, and that you will be supervised by someone with experience in hypnosis and/or research, etc.
If you are not a member of ASCH/SCEH/APADIV30 please email information on yourself, i.e. Vitae, academic affiliation, foreign society hypnosis affiliation, etc., and ask that that information be associated with this download. Complete the contact form here.
Please list all your academic degrees (from most to least recent), the field of study for which the degree was awarded, and the year the degree was awarded. If you are a student, please indicate the college/university you are attending and your anticipated degree and graduation date.
Please indicate in several sentences why you are interested in the PCI-HAP
I acknowledge that I have read the Downloads page of this website, and I agree to abide by its stipulations for the use of the PCI and the PCI-HAP.